Hi, I'm Yubing

Product Design | Design System | Motion Design
I believe that good design comes from a thorough understanding of the problem, deep empathy for users, fast iteration based on user feedback, and intentional decision-making with solid reasoning.
Currently, I am a product designer at Rivian designing an enterprise fleet management tool. Thanks for stopping by!
IoT (Connectivity) Management Platform
B2B | Web app @Rivian (This project is under NDA, please reach out if you want to learn more)
'Build your own' Food Customization
B2B2C | Tablet & Mobile @Brightloom (formerly known as eatsa)
Crowd-sourcing Management Platform
B2B | Web app @Moon Creative Lab
Outcomes Spending Analyzer
Dashboard Design | Side Project
White Label App Design System
B2B2C | Design System @Brightloom (formerly known as eatsa)
Feel free to reach out to see more of my work. Let's chat!
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