Hi, this is Yubing

I believe that good design comes from a thorough understanding of the problem, deeply empathy for users, fast iterations based on user feedback, and intentional decision-making with solid reasoning.

Currently, I am a product designer at Moon Creative Lab designing a collaborative idea development platform to source innovation ideas for Japanese conglomerates

Here is my resume.

"Build your own" for mobile

A new user flow provides a more guided “build your own” experience for the meal-building journey.

Full Project

"Build your own" for kiosk

A redesign of the item customization flow to deliver an easier and more engaging food-building experience.

Full Project

"LEGO" menu navigation

A flexible menu system that supports a wide range of menu structures.

Full Project

2-click food reorder

An adaptive design that allows users reorder the same food in two clicks via kiosk and mobile apps.

Full Project

White-label design system

A design system for kiosks and mobile apps that integrates restaurants’ branding.

Full Project