Hey there!

I'm Yubing

I enjoy bringing delightful solutions to complicated user problems and making experiences accessible and memorable for all users.

In the past few years, I have been exploring varying design areas including UI engineering, motion design, and design systems to build up my product design muscles.

Beside product design

For me, design isn’t just a job. I enjoy applying my design skills in my personal life such as designing my own wedding invite and website. I also like illustrating, animating, and woodworking.

About My Journey

As a child, I found myself very passionate about building things from the ground up to solve little problems I came across in life.

I did my undergrad in Nanjing University and majored in business. During my senior year, my friends and I founded a startup that used a new PLA manufacturing technology to make tableware for infants. While we were very close to raising seed round funding, none of us on the team knew how to use design to turn a product concept into reality. That made me realize that my true passion is in product design.

Later on, I went to Carnegie Mellon University for my masters in engineering design which brought together design, engineering, and business.
After graduation, I worked on consumer product designer at Looly's PBC and Brightloom (former eatsa), designing food ordering experiences on mobile, tablet and website.

Then I joined Moon creative Lab, designing the innovation incubator for Mitsui. Co.

In my last job, I was leading the Rivian connectivity management platform design from zero to one.